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The modern business environment is always more or less determined by change. Part of the changes come suddenly and for a part it is possible to prepare in advance, but in both cases, they must be dealt with, in one way or another. GDPR, or the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, has given cause for many meetings and seminars, but in this post-Data Protection Regulation world, there is also a need for concrete actions. The EU Data Protection Regulation concerns every company, regardless of business models or industries, as operating in the current markets without any kind of systems that process personal data is practically impossible. Granite GDPR-Audit is a service that can help a company ensure the GDPR readiness of its own operations. The Granite GDPR-Audit service also enables a company to verifiably demonstrate a management method that is compliant with the regulations on personal data. Start using the service today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Evaluate your baseline easily

One cannot escape the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation. Thus, it is most productive to start considering them as a necessity that can also provide rewarding and concrete business advantages, when approached with the right attitude. In the Granite GDPR-Audit, the requirements are systematically reviewed in detail for every area. In the Granite GDPR-Audit service, all the responsibilities designated to the controller by the Data Protection Regulation are processed appropriately. With the service, it is easy to form a clear overall picture of company compliance.

Assign appropriate parties

More often than not, the laboriousness of following new requirements is simply the result of unfamiliarity and a lack of knowledge about the subject area. The Granite GDPR-Audit service guides a user through the world of the GDPR and directs the user to review company operations through the lens of the Data Protection Regulation. In this way, we help you develop a sensitivity to the GDPR and evaluate your own operating models. Still, responding to the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation demands more than situational evaluations. The purpose of the GDPR-Audit service is to lead the development of operations to adequately meet the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. It is possible to designate responsible parties to any anomalies found in the audit, so that concrete development of the situation is possible.

Specify exact measures

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the conversation about the EU Data Protection Regulation is that, to a person unfamiliar with the issue, it may seem like a hopelessly complicated and unintelligible burden. However, in the midst of day-to-day business, only a few have enough time to get acquainted with all the subtleties of the regulation. In practice, it is always more important to get things to progress, and to take care of the potential anomalies that emerged from the evaluation as promptly and cost effectively as possible. This indeed can be managed very efficiently with the Granite GDPR-Audit service.

Lead agile development with data

How much the response to the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation changes the operations of the business or organization depends on the starting point that we begin to build from with corrective measures. One of the most important features of the Granite GDPR-Audit service is that it assembles reporting data about deficiencies, anomalies, and the corrective measures taken to address them, which is automatically updated. When we are constantly aware of the progress of procedures, it is possible to develop operations in an agile and resource-efficient way, without wasting resources on the wrong targets. With an up-to-date overview, anticipating future challenges also becomes a natural part of operations.

Follow and report accurately

It is possible to regard the EU Data Protection Regulation as a necessary evil, or as a possibility to further streamline your own operations. Both operating models have their own place in the scheme of things, and the implementation of either with the Granite GDPR-Audit service is just as effortless and easy. With the Granite GDPR-Audit service, authenticating the compliance of operations and the distribution of that information to interested parties and agents is unproblematic. When the organization’s operations follow the Data Protection Regulation, then needless hardships like administrative fines and other ramifications are avoided.

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