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Enterprise Risk Management Software

Reduce risks. Make room for success.

Everyone knows that day-to-day business operations almost continuously encounter unexpected adversities, but also many golden opportunities. For this reason, one of the most important questions is how to take full advantage of these opportunities without losing sight of them in all the other challenges and everyday processes. Granite ERM is a comprehensive risk management tool, which has been designed for this very purpose. With the Granite ERM, which is based on best international practices (COSO, ERM, JSO 31000), recognizing the total risk of business activity can be done conveniently and quickly leads to concrete measures. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Establish your operational baseline

Every company is a unique case. Business models and the generally accepted truths within industries may differ greatly. As a starting point, every entrepreneur is the best expert in their line of business, but it is very common that attentiveness and sensitivity suffer in daily routines. Risk reduction requires a discerning and sharp eye. The Granite ERM automatically guides users to the starting point of successful risk management. The tool helps users identify all the risks associated with their business, and to systematically assess them. This guided risk identification and assessment clarifies the baseline of the organization and creates a solid foundation for success.

Determine your route to success

Regardless of industry, success always depends on more than one factor. Luck always plays its own part in success, but when things are done right, new opportunities begin to appear at a much faster pace. At the same time, the utilization of opportunities becomes more effective. Identifying and evaluating risks is a very important step on the way to success, but without appropriate management measures, this progress cannot flourish. Granite ERM helps to manage all the risks and opportunities of business in an easy and simple way. It is effortless to determine management techniques for identified risks, according to best practices.

Engage your best resources

Time and people are the most important resources of every organization. Thus, wasting either cannot be recommended to anyone. In practice, risk mitigation is a continuous process that is performed alongside other work, the results of which begin to show only when the entire organization is committed to achieving it. With the Granite ERM committing the best resources of the organization to achieve objectives can be done automatically. Pointing risks and the measures determined to address them to the responsible personnel is the most effective way to maximize the use of company resources. Important issues are managed, when the automated system takes care of their progress.

Lead with data

The advantages of reducing risks are not a secret, and many are conceptually aware of this. Unfortunately, understanding alone is not enough for material effects. Way too often, even good and thoughtful plans remain at the planning stage. Granite ERM is a tool that helps to effectively take the plans for business development all the way to their goals. The automated features of the Granite ERM enable the seamless monitoring of the progress of management measures. Granite ERM updates the risk situation of the organization by creating a situational picture that is always up to date, which can be used to easily set new objectives.

Produce precise results

Risk mitigation and growing the possibilities for success are never ends in themselves. As part of normal business operations, these must always be aimed toward efficient and practical measures. With the Granite ERM, the systematic monitoring of the risk situation of your organization will be seamless. Clear and intelligible reporting tools keep the process easily manageable and ensure that reactions to new opportunities for success are prompt and precise.

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