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Online Data Protection Training for Your Staff

Guarantee Your Data Protection Capacity

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the hottest topics of the past few years, and not without reason. It is a highly complex topic which not only concerns all of us as individuals, but especially organizations and companies. Nowadays, it is basically impossible to do business without various personal data registers and systems for managing them. Thus, understanding the fundamentals of the GDPR is indisputably vital for every organization and company. Providing your personnel with adequate training on the fundamentals of data protection is an important part of complying with the obligations laid down in the GDPR. Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection Online Training is a user-friendly and practical training service which is designed to meet these requirements. Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection Online Training provides your personnel with all the essential information about data protection so that they know how the world works after the GDPR, and they are equipped to operate in compliance with the new requirements. Start your free trial today!

Engage the entire organization in data protection

In many ways, data protection is an inseparable part of modern business, but a remarkably high number of people are not yet familiar with its actual meaning and its impacts on a wider scale. As the GDPR entered into force on 25 May 2018, it forced organizations and companies to seriously consider the data protection aspects of their operation if they had not done so earlier.

Modern online training is definitely the most cost-effective and efficient method of bringing the entire personnel’s data protection skills and know-how up to speed. Granite Data Protection Online Training is a digital service on the Granite service platform whose functionalities have been developed particularly for this purpose. The service enables a practical and easy way to provide training for each member of your organization.

Accurate results through systematic means

In comparison to traditional models, the advantages of online training are undisputed in various ways. Training an entire organization through training events or seminars may succeed if the number of personnel is small but bringing the know-how of larger groups up to date requires a completely different level of effort.

Cost-effectiveness and logistical flexibility are not the only things that speak in the favor of virtual trainings, but their operating principles provide other advantages and benefits as well. The comprehensively systematic solutions enabled by modern digital services raise learning and the achieved results to an entirely new level. Granite Data Protection Online Training enables reaching your organization’s objectives easily and effortlessly through methodical progression.

Refine development targets into solutions

The data protection know-how of many organizations is still in its infancy, and only preliminary experience of the changes that data protection brings have been acquired. However, the need for data protection is not going to disappear. Every organization and company can decide what their attitude is towards the changes brought by data protection or, for example, the GDPR. It is easy to consider data protection a challenge, but it can also be turned into an asset.

Answering the data protection requirements and objectives of a company with the Granite Data Protection Online Training service is easy, and it delivers results that provide the skills and tools for further development of the operation. The automatically generated statistics and reports of the Granite Data Protection Online Training service enable comprehensible monitoring of a company’s data protection status and effective identification of the most important targets for development.

Achieve results and generate accurate reports

Nowadays, paying attention to data protection is an indisputable key factor in business. Bringing the entire organization’s data protection know-how up to date is remarkably beneficial for the organization’s everyday operation. Furthermore, it is essential to bear in mind that a company’s ability to demonstrate its compliance with the set requirements is necessary for maintaining constant operability and operation.

Data protection skills are valuable, but the impacts of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation should by no means be underestimated. Granite Data Protection Online Training is a training service that operates on the Granite service platform and enables, for example, easy and effortless compliance with the GDPR’s accountability requirement.

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