How get started with ERM?

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With the help of Granite, we have been able to modernize risk management into a modern continuous process.

User-friendliness and an up-to-date snapshot of the risk situation are Granite's key factors.​​

Using Granite, creating a comprehensive situational picture is effortless.

Enterprise risk management keeps business costs under control by making operational bottlenecks visible, improves profitability by controlling work processes, and enhances the distribution of resources by revealing the most critical points of failure.

In addition to this, risk management reduces accidents and absenteeism, maintains compliance and supports continuity.

Comprehensive risk management is systematic decision-making and knowledge-based management.

In this guide, we tell you how to:

  • Risks are systematically identified
  • Enterprise risk management is started effectively and implemented throughout the entire organization
  • Risk management is brought into concrete measures and part of everyday work
  • The risk management process is built to support business goals

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Practically tested lessons for starting enterprise risk management.