GDPR is here – got PIA?

GDPR is here – got PIA?

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is a complicated and widely discussed topic. When raised, this topic is still shrouded in uncertainty even though the inception of the regulation dawns on the horizon. Especially the plethora of stipulations, not to mention the possibility of penalties and fines, are still cause of a lot of headaches and frustrated murmur. Even if one might hope for an easy solution to this irritating pickle, there seems to be no way around the fact that GDPR requires action from every organization. This being the case, the proper question to ask is, where to start?

Start with privacy impact assessment, also known as PIA

Naturally, it is more than advisable to produce wide-ranging reports of every system used in the organization’s operations, but in the modern business environment governed by the scarcity of resources, prioritization is paramount. The GDPR can be said to originate from a risk-aware approach to business and this is quite evident judging from the heavy emphasis on prioritization in the regulation itself. Operational resources should be allocated where the risks are greatest.

At this juncture, it is worthwhile to remember, that priorities depend on the nature of business the organization is engaged in. This is why the systems in use should be assessed with appropriate care and time: in some organizations, the most vital sight be some back-end system that contains user information, and in some organizations, it might be their own product. The most enlightened approach to questions raised by the GDPR is to do a Privacy Impact Assessment, also known as PIA.

Prioritize your peace of mind with Granites PIA-service

Despite all the commotion and inconvenience, the GDPR is written by mere mortals, and as such, it has the benefit of being legible and understandable even for the layman. This makes it possible for everyone to prepare for the regulation by reading it trough and juxtaposing it against the systems used in everyday business. This, of course, requires extra time that is not often available, so it is evident that services such as Privacy Impact Assessment provide considerable efficiency.

The main principle of practical PIA service  is to implement the GDPR requirements for risk-based data protection management:

  1. The PIA measures how well the system complies with the requirements of the Regulation.
  2. The PIA recognizes the risks associated with data protection and helps prioritize them
  3. The PIA makes it easy to comply with the obligation to provide the required information.

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