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The EU’s general data protection regulation will enter into force on May 25, 2018. Companies must then be ready to show that they control their personal data correctly. Granite’s GDPR audit service allows you to easily secure your own GDPR capability and verifiably show that you are handling personal data correctly. Try the service for free 14 days and buy service at $39/user/month + VAT. Billed monthly.

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Our audit service allows you to controlled and verifiable way to show that you are in compliance with the EU’s general data protection regulation. The audit guides you to check the right pitfalls and correcting any deficiencies. Reporting and tracking of correcting actions is fully automated. To start using the service, purchase it from our online store.

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Clearly controlled general data protection regulation audit

The EU’s general data protection regulation will enter into force on May 25, 2018 and will place a lot of responsibilities on companies and organizations. Is your organization already prepared for EU’s general data protection regulation? Granite GDPR audit service enables you to easily ensure your organization GDPR-readiness and that no administrative fines or penalties are imposed on your organization.

The GDPR audit service is divided into four domains, the data subject rights, the obligations of the controller, measures and documentation. There are a number of requirements in each subfield that will need to go through one by one. By responding to requirements, you automatically create your organization’s GDPR documentation.

If some of the requirements should be met in your organization, but current implementation is missing or incomplete, you can define the actions to meet and correct the requirement. The implementation of the actions is facilitated by automatic reminders and reporting that shows what action has been done in time.

The service is able to form entire documentation and graphical reporting to PDF, so its recording and verification is easy in the event of an inspection. The service also has timestamps whenever the requirement or action form is modified so that you can show how the potential problems have been tackled and have been addressed to the inspectors. The GDPR audit service has been made to facilitate and simplify the requirements of the general data protection regulation in a way that it is easy to answer and verify they implementation. You can test the service for free for 14 days or you can easily access the service through our online store.


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