ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management is the most important tool for achieving strategic business goals for the whole organization. The range of enterprise risk management contains such areas as risk identification, risk assessment and the monitoring of the risk mitigation. Try our service for free and purchase it at at $39/user/month.

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Fast and effortless cloud service deployment


Comprehensive risk reports and automatic risk register


The delegation and monitoring of risk mitigation


Secure and regularly audited platform


A smooth, practical and straigthforward user experience


Responsive design promotes continuous risk mitigation


Enterprise risk management as an easy service

Enterprise risk management includes risk identification, risk assessment and the monitoring of the risk mitigation. An up-to-date, digital service simplifies the risk management process and makes risk management effortless to implement. Automated reports promote efficiency. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Practical and constructive risk management ensures best results

Risk management is a crucial part of the everyday business decisions. The best method for implementing a successful risk management process for a business of any size is to make it as understandable, clear-cut and actionable as possible. And this the basis our service stands upon.

The time-tested and acknowledged approach to managing risks starts with risk identification. Our risk management service helps to identify the risks by dividing them to strategic, operative, financial and hazard risks. Special care has been taken to provide easy-to-understand descriptions and actionable instructions that expedite focusing on the most significant risks.

After the risk identification, the risks are evaluated and the actual risk mitigation actions are established. The most critical step in the risk management process starts here – how to get the important risk mitigation taken into actions while operating in an ever-changing business environment?

Risk management can easily be made visible with the built-in features in our service: such as automated risk map, risk trend diagrams and other visual summaries. Automated reminders help in the scheduling of the risk mitigation and reporting will show if mitigation actions are not progressing. In Granite risk management service, these easy-to-use risk management tools are managed through a simple interface.

The most productive and profitable benefits of risk management are accomplished when risk management is implemented as a continuous process where risk mitigation actions are genuinely monitored and rigorously applied. Granite’s risk management service is designed to make this development as easy as possible.

You can start enterprise risk management right away. No design committees or endless excel exercises. The functionality of our services is based on international best practices and standards like COSO ERM and ISO31000.

Granite’s risk management services have enabled us to assign responsibilities much more clearly and coherently than earlier. Now we see what we should invest into to achieve the best results.

Anna Tamminen
Joint Municipal Authority of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District

Granite has addressed the challenges in our risk management objectives with great success. It has become an indispensable tool in our risk management operations.

Timo Hyttinen
Veikkaus - Betting agency with 1.8 BEur turnover

Granites centralized solution has increased the usage rate notably. The amount of safety observation notifications has increased over 300% and the processing time has dwarfed in comparison to earlier. We do not even want to think about the time before Granite.

Tor Edgren
Algol Group - Global multi-branch organization

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Risk management made easy!