Easier reporting – Granite version 8.1 released

Easier reporting – Granite version 8.1 released

The on-going spring has been, as usual, quite busy period for us on all fronts, and our conscientious customers have kept our customer team gratifyingly engaged. It has been very satisfying to notice that the interest towards our cyber security and data protection services has been growing substantially.

In the first Granite update of 2018 (version 8.1.) the main focus been on the development of reporting views of Granite. Platforms usability development has been further advanced along lines of the main development objectives of the version update 7.2. In the version 8.1, the reporting views are simpler and easier to use than in the previous version.


In the future, Granite platform’s development will increasingly focus on developing self-service features of the platform and publishing new services. The needs and wishes of customers will be taken into account as well and integrated more effectively in our product development road map.

New Granite service: ISO 27001 – Audit

With this service, you can effortlessly check how well the ISO 27001 requirements are met in your company. The service includes tools for the maturity assessment of management methods, the formulation of management measures and their follow-up. Try it for free for 14 days and ourchase the sevice at $29/user/month. Service is billed monthly.

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GDPR services from Granite

Data Protection Online Training

Employee data protection training is a vital part of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Granites online Data Protection Online Training automatically generates a performance directory of the tests and reports, which makes compliance easy to demonstrate. Feel free to try our online training free of charge for 14 days.

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PIA – Privacy Impact Assessment

Granites Privacy Impact Assessment is a ready-to-use service for evaluating your company’s personal information systems based on the requirements of the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This service allows a comprehensive assessment of the data protection and privacy risks of products and services. The Privacy Impact Assessment contains sections for assessing the requirements of the GDPR, identifying the risk caused by possible deficiencies, risk assessment and monitoring of management measures. Feel free to try our service for free for 14 days.