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Employee data protection training is a vital part of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Granites online Data Protection Online Training automatically generates a performance directory of the tests and reports, which makes compliance easy to demonstrate. Feel free to try our online training free of charge, and puchase the service at $3/user/month. If you’ll purchase the service for at least 50 individual users, you pay only $1.5/user/month. For over 500 users, the price is only $0.75/user/month. The service is billed yearly.

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Fast and effortless cloud service deployment


Automated reports and completion directory


Annual training & employee introduction


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A smooth, practical and straigthforward user experience


Responsive design aides learning


Data protection training as an easy-to-use online course.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts in place notable obligations for organizations and businesses. The employee data protection training is an easy way to raise awareness of the best principles of the processing of personal data and at the same time show that concrete measures have been taken to promote privacy and data protection. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Agile training creates the basis for data protection awareness

The data protection online training is designed to be easily studied in order to provide an effective learning experience throughout the course.

After passing the final test, the employee’s performance is stored in the completion directory and the employee is awarded a printable certificate.

The training supervisor can follow the progress of the data protection training in real time. The service sends out automatic reminders to the trainee to motivate and encourage completing the data protection training.

The data protection training consists of the most important privacy and data protection topics that every employee operating with personal data needs to be aware of.

The topics of the data protection online training include, among others, register of individuals, purpose use, personal data lifecycle, registered rights and the obligations of the controller.

The duration the Data Protection Online Training is approximately 60+60 minutes. Training consists of two parts: Data Protection essentials and Data Protection fundamental principles.

The purpose of Data Protection Online Training is to make privacy and data protection easy to understand and approach. The contents of the training are presented in an understandable way and illustrated by examples. This guarantees the best opportunities to motivate employees.

The Data Protection Online Training focuses on the issues the employees can influence through their actions.

The Data Protection Online Training is designed together with a data protection company, Privaon.


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