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User-friendly risk management solution for insurance company

Granite enables LocalTapiola's successful risk management work.

"To us, the user-friendly nature and up-to-date situational picture of the risk situation are the key factors of Granite."

Kimmo Niskala, Manager of Risk Management, LocalTapiola

When Tapiola and Lähivakuutus merged in 2012, the new organizational structure created a new need to standardize business models. When the management structure was formed for the corporate group, a simultaneous need to develop a risk management culture was identified.

Risk management solutions were sought for at the group level, which would enable an integrated framework for risk management, risk management models, and to provide user-friendly and simple tools for risk management operations.

Granite and the Granite ERM risk management service were selected as one of LocalTapiola’s risk management solutions that helped respond to the increased regulatory intervention, tightening competition in the markets, and increased demands for efficiency.

"Granite is a modern solution for the challenges of comprehensive risk management."

Kimmo Niskala, Manager of Risk Management, LocalTapiola

The user-friendly service was adopted effortlessly as part of the company's daily operations. Corrective measures directed by the service are performed daily, whereas deeper risk mapping is performed at least twice a year, in spring and fall, according to directions from the central organization.

Beyond the Granite ERM service, among others, Granite Information security training and the Workplace risk assessment service have also been in use, enabling the fluent systematic mapping of risks and hazards and development of workplace safety.

In addition to Granite ERM and the Granite Workplace risk assessment service, LocalTapiola has also developed its own risk management services on the Granite platform. Among other things, risk management services developed to manage reputation risks, or outsourcing management are in use.

"We evaluate our own organization with Granite, and also use it in our work with customers."

Kimmo Niskala, Manager of Risk Management, LocalTapiola

For a multicompany environment like LocalTapiola, Granite services are clearly the right choice. Bringing various risk areas into the same user-friendly information system enables effortless support for developing the multicompany structure and the integration of operating principles for risk management.

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