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Training for information security and privacy in an energy company

Kuopion Energia chose Granite's online training services to develop information security and data protection.

The Kuopion Energia Group is a versatile and modern energy service company that provides its customers with competitive and reliable energy services, while also taking responsibility for the environment and the company personnel.

Kuopion Energia produces electricity and district heating in joint operation at Haapaniemi power plants and with biogas in Pitkälahti. The company uses mainly northern Savonian fuels, which generates jobs and well-being throughout the province. Kuopion Energia's subsidiary Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for electricity transmission.

The Group employs approximately 160 people. The Kuopion Energia Group is wholly owned by the City of Kuopio.

"Granite provided an agile tool for developing information security."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

Information security plays an important role in the energy sector. The ability of energy companies to operate is a fundamental pillar of companies, individuals and society.

In a digitalised business environment, data security and data protection affect every activity in one way or another. Information security also touches on all aspects of Kuopion Energia's business, and business development has also been included in Kuopion Energia's goals. It is an advantage for the individual employee as well as for the company that the principles of information security are known to everyone.

"Granite is an important part of security development in Kuopion Energia."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

Commitment to information security and raising its level is one of the most important steps on the road to an evolving security culture. Kuopion Energia introduced Granite's online security training, aiming to create a solid foundation for developing information security.

Before Granite's online training for security at Kuopion Energia, the basic level of security was ensured by means of an orientation document. The Orientation Document described Kuopion Energia's information security principles in writing and trained employees were committed to the company's information security goals by signing.

However, in a company aiming at an evolving security culture, this operating model was found to be inadequate. Although the responsibility for adhering to the security principles remained in the hands of the end-to-end, this approach was not the best for the development of information security.

Harmonizing and raising the security expertise of the entire personnel to the same level was best achieved through Granite's online security training. After reaching the basic level, the systematic further development of information security also became more effective.

"Granite has brought security into the everyday lives of employees."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

Granite's online security training package was introduced at one time to all Kuopion Energia Group's personnel. Every employee in the Group carries out security training with their final tests during the induction period. In this way, the level of information security in an organization will always remain at least at the required basic level, but systematic training will also enable continuous development of information security.

The Granite Training Certificate is a testimony to the understanding of the key elements of information security by the trainee.

Granite's security training has become part of the Kuopion Energia’s new employee orientation process.

"We train all employees by using Granite's online training."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

The introduction of Granite's online training packages and systematic training has affected the security situation of the entire Kuopion Energia’s organization.

Information security development plans have developed a solid foundation through online training, but with them, information security and its elements have also surfaced in the everyday lives of employees.

Granite's online trainings have ensured that security and critical elements of information security have become a part of staff discussions on coffee breaks and at lunch. At the same time, when information security threshold issues create discussions, they also increase security awareness and support the development of information security.

The increase in overall security expertise has made development more fruitful when the achieved basic level has ensured results. Granite's ease of use and comprehensibility of online training have also kept the trainees satisfied and have increased willingness to develop information security.

Modern e-learning enables learning at your own pace, so it has been possible to internalize even more challenging subjects.

In Kuopion Energia's diverse business environment, the development needs and requirements of data security are specific, but Granite's online trainings create a basic level of know-how with very little effort.

"With the help of Granite, we responded to GDPR's training challenges."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

In addition to online training for information security development, Kuopion Energia has also utilized Granite's online training course on data protection.

Granite's online security training has been developed to meet the educational obligations of the EU Data Protection Regulation and Kuopion Energia has made use of it in preparing and responding to GDPR requirements.

To master GDPR, Kuopion Energia went through traditional classroom training, but Granite's online security training supplemented the skills for those employees who could not attend classroom training sessions.

The features of Granite's online training packages have made it possible to direct the training to those people who are specifically served by this online training content.

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