The year of Granite 2018 -

The year of Granite 2018

The year 2018 was full of effective risk reduction and great opportunities.

As the fall turns unavoidably towards winter, it’s sometimes nice to look back and recall what strides were made in the past months. The year 2018 was full very interesting opportunities and inspiring challenges for us and for our wonderful customers.

Version updates

According to the Granite’s technology roadmap, three significant updates were deployed on the platform.

  • Version 8.1 concentrated heavily on the platforms reporting functionalities
  • Version 8.2 brought with several improvements to usability
  • Version 8.3, which is deployed to Granite customer environments on December 13th, brings with it the long-awaited API.

New Granite services 2018

The year 2018 brought with it other things as well. All in all, we published nine new Granite services to the platform, to further aid our customers in their development goals.

Our selection of risk management grew with the addition of Granite Project Risks -service.

Granite Project Risks

The Granite Project Risks Management service considerably facilitates the practical aspects of project development.

The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation that became enforceable 25 May 2018 brought with it several new obligations to organizations. The Granite Privacy Impact Assessment and the Granite GDPR-Audit are both services developed to tackle these challenges.

Granite Privacy Impact Assessment

Granite Data protection evaluation is a GDPR service on the Granite platform, which helps to straightforwardly evaluate systems that process personal data on the basis of the GDPR requirements.

Granite GDPR-Audit

Granite GDPR-Audit is a service that can help a company ensure the GDPR readiness of its own operations. The Granite GDPR-Audit service also enables a company to verifiably demonstrate a management method that is compliant with the regulations on personal data.

In addition to that, Granite’s online training selection grew to cover the basic principles of GDPR. Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection and Granite Responsibilities of Personal Data Processor cover all that everyone should know about the GDPR.

Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection

Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection nlin training GDPR is a piece of cake. Granite Fundamentals of Data Protection Online Training provides your personnel with all the essential information about data protection so that they know how the world works after the GDPR.

Granite Responsibilities of Personal Data Processor

Don't get off guard! Train your crew with Granite Responsibilities of Personal Data Processor oline training and succeed in the post-GDPR business landscape. Granite Responsibilities of Personal Data Processor Online Training illustrates the many aspects of GDPR with real-life examples.

Granite’s information security service selection grew with the addition of Granite ISO27001 Information Security Risks, Granite 27001 Audit and Granite Information Security Deviations -services.

Granite ISO27001 Information Security Risks

The ISO27001 standard is an information security standard for the really commited organizations. The Granite ISO 27001 Information Security Risks guides the user organization into managing its information security risks in accordance with the requirements defined in the ISO 27001 standard.

Granite ISO27001 Audit

Information security and cyber risks are an inseparable part of modern business activities. As complimentary service to Granite ISO27001 Information Security Risks service, the Granite ISO 27001 Audit service, the evaluation of the prevailing situation in the company's information security according to ISO 27001 standards can be done easily and effortlessly.

Granite Information Security Deviations

Granite Information Security Deviations is a digital service on the Granite service platform that has been designed for the needs of modern, digital business environment. Granite Information Security Deviations enables practical and effective development of information security.

Granite’s service selection also grew in the occupational safety and health section. Granite Machine Risk Assessment and Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist services enable our customers to develop their safety more effectively.

Granite Machine Risk Assessment

Granite Machine Risk Assessment enables extensive and effective machine risk assessment and supports the development of occupational safety.

Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist

Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist is an easy-to-use service that enables organizations to reduce work related accidents and injuries.

Improved online training services

In addition to launching a quite formidable selection of new Granite services, a significant amount of effort was applied to the Granite’s online training services. All the training services in our selection got a thorough seeing-through and were updated with brand new imaginary to aid learning.

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