Easy Risk Management | Why did Palmia choose Granite?

Risk management made easy

Granite enabled Palmia to effectively develop their risk management and occupational safety.

"Granite is an easy and flexible solution for demanding risk management development work."

Stefan Granholm, Occupational Safety Manager, Palmia Oy

In many organizations, risk management begins with traditional spreadsheet methods. However, in larger companies like Palmia, such tools are inadequate because of the scale of operations. Systematic development of successful business practices cannot be achieved through rotating papers and following inconsistent operational models.

Ease of use was also an absolute key issue when assessing risk management services and one of the key factors behind Palmia choosing Granite.

The goals set for Palmia’s risk management work demanded that the service supports the the whole organization, all functions and business areas included. Granites risk management solutions enabled Palmia to collect all the information needed to the same easy to use system.

"Granite’s services are very easy to deploy."

Stefan Granholm, Occupational Safety Manager, Palmia Oy

Originally, Palmia acquired Granite’s risk management system to support their business development. The service provided a view of the entire organization’s risk situation, which enabled for the allocation of resources toward the most important objectives.

Systematic risk management gives strategic direction to Palmia’s business. Assessing a situation with the appropriate service offers a clear view of the direction in which the company is going, what should be considered when developing services, and how to prepare for the risks that arise.

Soon Palmia expanded it’s use of Granite’s services by adding the Granite Work Risk Assessment and Granite Safety Observations services to it’s operations.

"Granite is a practical solution for developing strategy and safety at work."

Stefan Granholm, Occupational Safety Manager, Palmia Oy

At Palmia, the development of a risk situation is monitored systematically. Reporting tools allow for the reporting of results to the company’s management. By examining the clear and understandable reports, one can see the nature of current risks and actions, their progress, and, of course, the results.

Granite’s services have greatly advanced Palmia’s work safety development. In addition to environmental assessment, employee stress levels are also displayed.

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