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Predictive risk management in a university hospital

Granite offers simple an easy reporting

"Granite makes reporting easy, both to the authorities and internally."

Olli Siitonen, Safety Manager, Hospital District of Northern Savonia

Risk management is a vital part of providing health services. The operations of the Hospital District of Northern Savonia are built on quality and efficiency. Their purpose is to provide the best possible care for their patient. To support this goal the Hospital District of Northern Savonia chose Granite.

"Granite helps us to anticipate needs and changes."

Kaisa Haatainen, Patient Safety Manager, Hospital District of Northern Savonia

Before Granite, the Hospital District of Northern Savonia and the University Hospital of Kuopio identified and assessed risks by using traditional methods like paper forms. These methods weren’t agile enough to support proactivity. The deployment of a digital, modern service made efficient development and reporting possible.

"Granite supports the continuous development of risk management."

Kari Janhonen, CFO, Hospital District of Northern Savonia

In addition to other desirable developments, Granites services have made it possible to archive risks that have been already dealt with.

When the new risk management software was deployed, the management of the hospital district decreed that the risk management work should be transparent.
Granite has become an integral part of the operations of the hospital district. Even time a new venture is considered the risks are assessed with Granite.

Risk management has become considerably more agile and effective than before, and the results can be seen in the field.

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