Proactive occupational safety development | Granite & Algol Group

Granite enabled the development of proactive occupational safety

Algol group chose Granite to make things happen.

"Granite has significantly affected the amount of work-related accidents in our company."

Tor Edgren, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, Algol Oy

Reliability and a capability to develop are key factors for Algol’s operations. In a globally operating organization the willingness to develop occupational safety is one of the most important elements, but without the right tools reaching the goals is usually inefficient and frustrating.

Before the deployment of Granite’s occupational safety services, Algol tried several different solutions, but continuously evolving needs demanded appropriate tools to support the new goals.

For example, inadequate reporting made monitoring the progress of the development measures unsuccessful and obscured the much needed overall understanding.

All this made Granite the right choice for Algol.

"Granite’s reporting tools have made it possible to develop the occupational safety."

Tor Edgren, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, Algol Oy

Easy reporting of observed safety deviations and easy follow-up are essential for developing occupational safety. These elements are the core of Granite’s occupational safety services.

However, the most effective way to develop occupational safety is being proactive. Granite provides Algol with a wide range of different occupational safety tools and services with expansive and up to date reporting capabilities. This helps the organization to plan ahead.

"Granite helps us to find new areas for development for which we can allocate resources."

Tor Edgren, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, Algol Oy

Algol’s goal was to take into use for the entire group a unified and open system by which everyone could take part in furthering occupational safety.

Openness and the possibility to learn from other people’s examples are among the most effective tools for furthering company culture. Both the easy introduction and usability were key factors for choosing Granite, but also the easy modifiability of the services made Granite the right occupational safety solution for Algol.

"Granite plays an important part in developing a corporate culture of occupational safety at Algol."

Tor Edgren, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager, Algol Oy

In order for occupational safety to develop, the measures intended to develop it must be handled by people responsible for them. Granite’s features also support this goal. The more the employees make reports and the more they are processed have a direct connection to reducing accidents at work.

By using Granite, the employees who make occupational safety reports learn to look at their own work and work surroundings from the viewpoint of occupational safety. This creates an excellent environment for developing a safety-oriented culture.