Easy and Effortless occupational safety development with Granite

Easy and effortless development of occupational safety

MSK Group solved their occupational safety challenges with Granite.

"Granite has made it easy for us to develop of occupational safety."

Tero Yliselä, HR Director, MSK Group

MSK Group’s operations consider the development of occupational safety with the seriousness it deserves. In light of these objectives, the occupational accident numbers of the group were grim, and a better solution for the situation was sought after actively.

When compared with the competing occupational safety solutions, Granite’s solution with a low implementation threshold suited MSK Group’s needs the best.

"Absences due to occupational accidents have decreased fast since we implemented Granite."

Tero Yliselä, HR Director, MSK Group

For the development of a multi-industry group, it is vital that all operations follow common models. When occupational safety data is produced into a system that is shared by everyone, it creates transparency and synergy benefits from the comparisons between the different locations.

Adherence is a prerequisite for developing occupational safety, but the agility of Granite’s services enabled their modification without heavy and expensive development projects also for the needs of sensitive and personnel-level development objectives.

"Granite’s low implementation threshold has supported our development objectives."

Teemu Suokko, Health and Safety Manager, MSK Group

Developing occupational safety is a holistic process that will often require significant investments to change old attitudes.

MSK Group has implemented many of Granite’s occupational safety services, each of which responds to specific challenges in the organization’s operations. The most used feature is safety observations that can be easily reported with a handy notification link.

The level of occupational safety at MSK Group has also been improved by Granite’s occupational risk evaluation service. The service makes it significantly faster to evaluate risks compared to the previously used traditional flagship solutions.