Developing an information security culture

User-friendliness made Kuopion Energia choose Granite

"With the help of Granite, we responded to GDPR's training challenges."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

The importance of information security and its development can’t be underestimated in the modern business environment. Both the legislation and business partners demand that it’s taken into account appropriately.

The energy industry is no different. Energy companies provide a critical service for companies and private persons, but also the whole society, and that makes information security and data protection a hot topic for them.

To further elevate the information security awareness of its employees, Kuopion Energia chose Granite’s online training services.

"We train all employees by using Granite's online training."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

Granite’s online training services replaced ineffective operating models in the company. The whole staff is now trained with Granite’s online training services. This keeps the fundamentals of information security and data protection on everyone's mind.

"Granite has brought security into the everyday lives of employees."

Reijo Malinen, ICT Specialist, Kuopion Energia

The deployment of Granite’s training services have made information security visible and widely understood in the company.

For an information security-aware culture to develop and sustain itself, employees need to know what it means in action.

Granite’s online training services have improved Kuopion Energia’s information security situation significantly. Especially the user-friendliness of the services has made the subjects approachable.

Modern solutions support the systematic development of an evolving security culture.

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