Granite version update 8.2 | Get to know all the new features

A deeper understanding of the overall picture - Granite version update 8.2

Granite version update 8.2

It is often said that the summer is somewhat unadvantageous for productivity in any kind of business, but in SaaS that might not be the case, at least not here at Granite. Reducing risks is a daily endeavour, so it is important that the tools of the trade are cared for.

In the second version update of 2018, the bulk of the improvements and developmental resources have been targeted towards usability and understandability.

Implementing actions and measures aimed at reducing risks with Granite has been made more effective by adding a section to the front page of the services, called ”My tasks”. This addition makes it easier for the user to stay informed about the corrective measures they need to react to.

This solution comes from the core elements of all Granite services aiming to involve and engage the employees of Granite’s customer organizations more effectively in developing their own work environment.

In addition to this, the new ”My tasks” section pushes the navigation of Granite services towards a direction many of our customers have expressed interest in.

After the update, the ”My tasks” section will be available for all the Granite services, except for the Granite online training services.

Alongside the continuing development of the user experience, special attention has been paid to the development of the reporting view in the Granite 8.2. Up-to-date and understandable reports are of paramount importance to the fundamental purpose of Granite, so we always strive to improve them.

In the version 8.2, a new type of graph is added to the reporting functions of Granite. Risk areas graph is a welcomed addition to the Granite’s reporting functionalities that make it easier for Granite users to create a precise and accurate snapshot of the organisation’s risk situation at a glance.

Furthermore, the graphs in the Granite reporting are embedded with more chart info, which makes it easier to keep track of the contents of the graphs.

The 8.2 version update of Granite also appends the main asset view with a new column labelled ”Audited”. This new addition enables the user to easily check how large percentage of the asset review questionnaires have been answered in total. However, this percentage does not factor in the free text fields.

During the summer, Granite's training services have also been developed in a more user-friendly direction. The content of both the Granite Information Security Online Training and the Granite Data Protection Online Training have been restructured into a more comprehensive and evolving format. And in addition to this, all online courses Granite offers on its platform have been illustrated to provide a more meaningful and digestible learning experience.

In the coming months, the development of Granite platform and services will continue to focus on more comprehensive issues. For example, we’re exploring ways our customers could multiply their success by utilizing our services in a more integrated and extensive fashion.

Additionally, the future road-map of Granite development will target issues concerning wider automation in the use of Granite services and the enabling of more extensive use of the platform as a whole. Significant improvements are also planned to lower the starting threshold.

Granite 8.2 will be updated to all Granite's client environments on August 6, 2018, from 4 pm to 6 pm UTC +3. If you have any questions about the update or its progress, do not hesitate to contact our support team:

Summary of new features

  • New ”My tasks” section
  • Risk areas graph and chart info in the reports page
  • New ”Audited” column in the asset view
  • Updated online courses
  • Added feedback for the notification sender feature
  • Improved information security
  • Available in Norwegian

Anssi Väisänen
Chief Technology Officer